Frequently Asked Questions

It used to be that in order for websites to display correctly formatted on a phone or tablet, there had to be a completely separate “mobile” site. When a visitor goes to the site on a computer they see the desktop version website, when they go on a mobile device they see the mobile version website. Responsive websites have completely replaced that concept and instead of having multiple website deployments for different devices, a responsive website reconfigures and automatically formats to whatever screen size it’s on. Not only does this make for a far better user experience, but as of recently, google and other search engines will action rank you higher if your website is responsive.

Our turnaround times are very fast, however, every customers website has different needs and specifications that result in greatly different turn around times. However we do offer an additional option to complete your website within 30 days. Building websites requires hours of meticulous work in order to learn about you and your company, and build you the best possible website that will benefit you. We always complete our customers websites are promptly as possible.

Unfortunately the short answer is no. Google has a very complex search engine algorithm that takes in hundreds of factors. This is where SEO comes into play, search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website so that google and other search engines index and recognize your website faster and place you higher in the search results. This is where our SEO service comes into play, we will optimize your websites in several key ways including placing proper descriptions, page keywords, submitting your website to be indexed by google and much more. Not having good SEO is like having a million dollar house with no driveway. Let us build your driveway.

Not only do we have a very secure hosting environment, but we also have several other security measures in place such as backups, security scans, and ip address filtering to block potential attackers. We also offer 24/7 live security monitoring for only $15 per month. Live security monitoring is like having a bouncer at a club, it prevents the bad guys before they get into your site and wreak havoc. With our live security monitoring you will get around the clock live monitoring that will catch any intruders and bots that may pose a threat to your website. Even with our very robust security measures, intrusions and viruses are impossible to 100% prevent, even the largest corporations websites get hacked. In the even your site needs a cleanup we will fix it right away if you are a live monitoring customer. If you do not have live monitoring we will take care of the first hack or intrusion free of charge, after that it is $150.00 per cleanup.

Have you ever noticed how some website urls start with “https”, and have a green padlock icon? That’s an SSL (Secured Socket Layer). It is a secured encrypted bridge that securely transports data between the website and the server. In easier to understand terms, not having an SSL is like driving an armored bank truck with no armor or locks on the door. In fact google also highly rewards websites that are secure by boosting their ranking, and by the end of 2017 websites without an SSL will have a red X next to them on google to warn visitors that the site is unsecure. The good news for you is that we include an SSL with all of our hosting packages.